Data flows in Europe

The European Commission has published a document on the amount of data flowing to major cloud computing infrastructures in the 27 Member States, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK. The study reveals an overview of the amount and types of data processed in the cloud by economic sector, location, company size and type of service. It indicates that policymakers and decision-makers, as well as entrepreneurs and public administrations, can use this study as a reference to support decision-making on future trade agreements, business decisions and cloud computing investments.
The results show that in 2020, the largest data flow came from the health sector, with Germany recording the largest volume of data inflows. The Commission estimates that by 2030, data flows from European businesses will be 15 times greater than in 2020. A follow-up study has also been launched to estimate the economic value of data flows (inflows and outflows) within the EU, as well as with third countries such as the USA and China.