European Parliament, Council and Commission sign European declaration of digital rights and principles

The Presidents of the European Parliament, the Commission and the European Council signed the European Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles on 15 December 2022, as proposed by the Commission in January 2022 and in support of the Digital Compass 2030 objectives. The Declaration sets out the EU’s commitment to a safe, secure and sustainable digital transformation that puts the rights of individuals at the centre, guiding decision-makers and businesses dealing with new technologies and intending to guide the EU’s approach to digital transformation globally.
The declaration outlines the following digital rights and principles, backed by various enforcement commitments:
  • putting people at the centre of digital transformation;
  • fostering solidarity and inclusivity through communication, digital education, training, fair and equitable working conditions and access to digital public services;
  • emphasising the importance of freedom of choice and a fair digital environment;
  • promoting participation in the digital public space;
  • enhancing the safety, security and empowerment of people in the digital environment, especially for children and young people; and
  • promoting sustainable development.
In enhancing safety, security and empowerment, the declaration commits to protecting privacy and increasing individual control over data. In addition, the declaration states that everyone has the right to maintain the confidentiality of their communications and the information contained in their electronic devices and to not be subject to unlawful online surveillance, unlawful tracking or interception of data. Everyone should be able to determine their digital legacy and decide what happens to their personal accounts and the information relating to them after their death.

The Commission will monitor and report annually on progress in implementing digital rights and principles.