Google will simplify the possibility of deleting the data

On 27 April 2022, Google published information according to which the mechanism that allows users to remove their personal data from search results is to be improved soon. The existing solutions allow to use the right to be forgotten only if it was proven that our data available in the search engine could be used in a way that threatened our rights. The request for data removal had to be justified and had to contain proof, e.g., that we were exposed to identity theft or financial fraud. The new solutions will allow the search engine to be cleared of our data at any time, without having to justify our request. Applications are to be considered quickly, with the help of newly implemented algorithms.

Obviously, not every application will be granted, however. It should be remembered that the right to be forgotten guaranteed by Art. 17 of the GDPR is not an absolute right and can be restricted. Google points out that it will not be able to erase our data when it is part of a relevant news article or is included on websites of public authorities. The new tools are also to comply with the right of other users to access information. The company reminds that the request to delete data only concerns the data shown in the search results, without affecting what is on the websites of other entities. If we want our data to be removed from specific websites, request should be directed to their owners.