Is PESEL the most important?

According to a recent survey by and the National Debt Register under the auspices of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Poles consider PESEL to be the most important piece of personal data, ahead of first name and surname or residential address. According to the results, 91.9% of respondents consider PESEL to be personal data, while 89.5% indicated first name and surname.
Only 45.1% of respondents consider their own image as personal data and less than 40% include fingerprints in this category. Meanwhile, these elements, which are biometric data, are extremely important in terms of protecting our privacy and identity.
The biggest threat to the security of personal data, according to those surveyed, is fake phone calls, emails and text messages. In addition, 42% of respondents are concerned about data theft through fraud or phishing, and 20% are concerned about hackers breaking into their computer or phone.

The number of people who say they are knowledgeable about protecting their personal data has decreased slightly compared to last year, from 90.2% to 88.6%. Only 15% of those surveyed are absolutely confident that they can handle the risks associated with protecting their personal data.