Japan: 1,6 mln customers data breach

Japanese Mortinaga Co. noticed on 22 march 2022 they struggled with possible leak of personal data of their e-commerce customers. According to official statement, there was server breach causing leak of names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, gender, purchase histories and e-mail addresses. Luckily, credit card information or payment methods were not included. What’s more, company haven’t noticed any use of leaked information yet.
Morinaga’s workers detected data leak due to investigation of server errors, where they spotted that impaired segments of internal system specifications indicated on third parties’ interference. Company immediately shut down access to its network to minimalize damage, then established task force to find causes and restore correct functionality. Task force found out, that the main target was server with product deliveries data and nowadays it’s concentrating on provide proper protection from secondary attack.

Morinaga took appropriate legal path to provide information to involved customers, competent data protection institution and police. What is more, company launched customer hotline and attached other contact information. Candy producer ensures that every step it took provide highest standards of data protection measures, therefore any similar situation will not take place.