You can now reserve your PESEL number (Poland)

Starting from November 17, 2023, Polish citizens can reserve their PESEL number. Reserving the PESEL number aims to protect against unauthorized use of this number by third parties, preventing actions such as taking out a loan using someone else’s PESEL number or entering into other financial agreements without the owner’s consent. This is the Polish government’s response to the growing threats related to financial fraud.

The decision to reserve the PESEL number comes with certain limitations, such as the inability to obtain a loan or sign a notarial deed. The reservation procedure can be carried out online on the website, in person at the municipal office, and in the future, also through the mobile mObywatel application.

Financial institutions have until June 1, 2024, to comply with the new regulations. Until then, the protection will not be fully effective, but it is still recommended to reserve the PESEL number early. In the case of financial fraud, having a reserved number may be a crucial argument as evidence that the person who fell victim to fraud did not actually intend to take on any financial obligations.

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