European Payments Council publishes annual update on cryptographic algorithms

The EPC has published its annual cryptographic algorithms update, providing an overview and recommendations on the use of various cryptographic technologies to secure data.
The update aims to provide the latest information on cryptographic technology developments, as well as to identify algorithms that have been deemed secure and recommended for use in the data protection sector. The annual update is an important tool for data processors as it allows them to keep abreast of advances in cryptography and adapt their practices in line with best practice.
Among the key issues addressed in the update are:
  • recommendations on symmetric encryption algorithms, such as AES, which are still considered secure and effective;
  • recommendations on the use of asymmetric cryptography, including RSA and ECC algorithms, which are essential to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and authentication;
  • an indication of the need to consider quantum-based cryptographic technologies, in view of the ongoing development of quantum computers, which may threaten current cryptographic methods.
The EPC also highlighted that this update is the result of collaboration with a number of cryptography experts. This ensures that data processors have access to reliable information and recommendations, which are crucial for protecting privacy and information security.
The annual Cryptographic Algorithms Update is an essential resource for all organisations wishing to maintain a high level of data protection. It provides the latest information on current and future privacy threats, as well as guidance on choosing the right cryptographic technologies to address these challenges.